Recipe: Tex Mex Roll Ups

An easy appetizer for a party for a way to change up burritos for lunch. Served with salad or seasoned rice this is perfect for a lunch meal. You can add in almost any toppings you like so it’s also great for using up odds and ends.

Bento: #15

I can’t seem to keep on top of everything at the same time, I don’t know how other people do it except time dilation by posting about weeks 3-4 weeks ago (this is always what I suspect honestly). Anyway, lunches!

Menu: Keeping It Off Kilter

I’m behind with posting everything but I got some important stuff done this weekend so I’ve already moved on from forgiving myself. I wonder if it’d be worth it to try and plan out an entire month (broken in to week of course) or if that would just make the first week of every month…