Recipe: Pesto Rolls

A fun side dish or a perfect handheld party food that feels like it was a lot of work and looks impressive but actually takes just a few minutes of effort to make AND is pretty cost effective. Combining just three ingredients it’s a no nonsense recipe that just tastes good.

Recipe: Pub Pretzels

Unlike my other pretzel recipes for softer type pretzels, these come out with the hard tack shell of the outside and the just soft inside like you’d see in a pub. They’re perfect for dipping, game night, or serving as a fun side with a thick soup.

Recipe: Pear, Walnuts, Cheese Turnovers

This is a really interesting way to use puff pastry. It’s vegetarian but it says that nice savory element to it with the chutney. While I used a mild cheese (Gruyere), I actually think this might be a little bit better with blue cheese or something stronger so it’s really customizable to taste but the…