Recipe: Tex Mex Roll Ups

An easy appetizer for a party for a way to change up burritos for lunch. Served with salad or seasoned rice this is perfect for a lunch meal. You can add in almost any toppings you like so it’s also great for using up odds and ends.

Recipe: Refried Beans

A basic staple of cooking re-fried beans. I hemmed and hawed if I wanted to post this recipe because it’s so basic and also because I used to buy re-fried bean (gasp!) instead of making them but since moving to Estonia that is no longer an option so now I make my own. They’re super…

Recipe: Chicken and Spinach Rice Bake

If you have leftover chicken meat from roasting a chicken and leftover rice this is the perfect easy dish to use those up with. You just mix it all up in a bowl and throw it in a pan and then you have a really nice meal all in one.