Recipe: Lemon Thumbprint Cookies

These are a great treat of a cookie combining lemon curd and shortbread. They end up very cute with little cracks in the side when you make the deep well for the curd. If you love your sweet with a little tart this is basically the best cookie for you.  

Recipe: Eton Mess

If you want to impress people but put as little effort in to it as possible, make Eton Mess. A classic British trifle style dessert it’s a simple layering of a few key ingredients that can easily be purchased from the store. Like icebox cakes it takes a mere five minutes to make something delicious….

Recipe: Cinnamon-Sugar Doughnut Holes

When people want a quick dessert they reach for cookies but these doughnut holes can be made in just about 20 minutes and they’re sure to impress because who makes doughnuts these days?