Recipe: Onion Tart

If you wanted a tart with a distilled onion flavor, this is it. I’m always looking for ways to use caramelized onions because they’re so delicious and this might be the ultimate way to use them. It’s the perfect tart with just a hint of sweetness that keeps it tasting fresh.

Recipe: Peanut Butter Cookies

These are your pretty standard peanut butter cookies (with or without add ins is your choice). The great part about this recipe is that it is made of things you have laying around the house, comes together without a mixer, takes maybe 10 minutes to prepare, and it’s basically fool proof. Perfect for last minute…

Recipe: Peri Peri Chicken

This is just a delicious marinated chicken dish. It’s got a nice amount of spice to it but isn’t too overwhelming. This was a big party pleaser and it’s easy to prepare a lot. It’s probably especially nice if you have a grill but I used the oven and it worked out fine.