Recipe: Chicken with Snap Peas

This is a really great weeknight meal or a nice, almost fancy weekend meal. It’s made of just a few things and in one pan and can be served with any type of side depending on how you feel that night. It’s not too fancy but it’s a cut above average I think.  

Recipe: Peri Peri Chicken

This is just a delicious marinated chicken dish. It’s got a nice amount of spice to it but isn’t too overwhelming. This was a big party pleaser and it’s easy to prepare a lot. It’s probably especially nice if you have a grill but I used the oven and it worked out fine.

Recipe: Salted Cod Balls

I made these for my Eurovision party on account of Eurovision was in Portugal this year and after spending a week there last year I fell in love with salted cod, locally known as bacalhau. While I had to make my own salted cod it doesn’t involve more than just a little time and a…