Recipe: Spicy Chicken Sandwich

The original recipe touted that this is a copycat of Wendy’s but honestly it doesn’t really taste anything like Wendy’s except for the part where it’s spicy and fried chicken. Nothing wrong with that and this was an absolutely delicious and great sandwich/burger but just don’t expect a miracle of replicating the deliciousness of a…

Recipe: Chicken Afritada

This is a really simple dish that comes out pretty good. If you’re looking for a twist on chicken meals this one is a good place to start. I’m not usually a fan of sweet plus meat but the pineapple isn’t too clawing in this dish.

Recipe: Chicken and Spinach Rice Bake

If you have leftover chicken meat from roasting a chicken and leftover rice this is the perfect easy dish to use those up with. You just mix it all up in a bowl and throw it in a pan and then you have a really nice meal all in one.