Recipe: Beer Soaked Chicken Sausage and Vegetables

I made this dish really fancy by using duck fat as my fat but you can easily use oil or butter instead. I was cooking for company and I served this over spatzel but you could easily serve it over rice, pasta, couscous, or even on top of some mashed potatoes.

Recipe: Duck Fat Carrot, Potato and Parsnip Fries

If you’re looking to make your french fries a little more interesting, mixing up the vegetables you use will help. While I used some potatoes in these too you can pretty much mix and match root vegetables to give you a different flavor.

Recipe: Duck Confit Burger

If you want to knock someones socks off, this is the burger for it. It’s not cheap, it’s a little complex, and it takes about 3 hours all together (plus waiting time) but it’s absolutely worth it. This is the best burger I have ever made or eaten.