Recipe: Salted Cod Balls

I made these for my Eurovision party on account of Eurovision was in Portugal this year and after spending a week there last year I fell in love with salted cod, locally known as bacalhau. While I had to make my own salted cod it doesn’t involve more than just a little time and a…

Recipe: Shortcut Samosa

These are shortcut samosas and are actually hardly samosas at all really but they’re still pretty good for “kind of curry-like food stuffed in a puff pastry which mildly resembles samosa” and they can be fried or baked depending how you feel about it.

Recipe: Hot and Sour Soup

Hot and sour soup is great for a change of pace from other soups. I really enjoyed this one with noodles but it would be good with rice or some pieces of silky tofu too like the original had.