Recipe: Gulerodsbrud (Danish Carrot Bread)

I had these great rolls in Denmark last year and I was yearned to eat them again. They’re fairly simple to make and they combine the great taste of sunflower seeds and grated carrots which isn’t something I would have thought to do on my own. They’re a nice hearty roll that could easily be…

Recipe: Sun Dried Tomato Babka

Babka is apparently very trendy right now and this savory version of it is just what you need to impress people at a party I think. The taste is good but nothing mind blowing but with a little bit of cream cheese or toasted, it’s just right.

Recipe: Mushroom Ragu

This is one of those recipes that doesn’t seem like much but it takes mushrooms from a bland, boring food to the perfect topping for almost anything. I used this ragu smothered over the tops of popovers but it’d be great on polenta, over rice, and even as a pasta sauce.