Recipe: Sun Dried Tomato Babka

Babka is apparently very trendy right now and this savory version of it is just what you need to impress people at a party I think. The taste is good but nothing mind blowing but with a little bit of cream cheese or toasted, it’s just right.

Recipe: Mushroom Ragu

This is one of those recipes that doesn’t seem like much but it takes mushrooms from a bland, boring food to the perfect topping for almost anything. I used this ragu smothered over the tops of popovers but it’d be great on polenta, over rice, and even as a pasta sauce.

Recipe: Potato Gratin

I made a turnip gratin previously but I wasn’t in love with it but I think I’ve cracked the code this time. This potato gratin is so good it’s hard to stop eating! Layering the cheese and milk mixture is the most important part but also don’t cheap out and use poor quality cheese because…