Recipe: Salted Cod Balls

I made these for my Eurovision party on account of Eurovision was in Portugal this year and after spending a week there last year I fell in love with salted cod, locally known as bacalhau. While I had to make my own salted cod it doesn’t involve more than just a little time and a…

Recipe: Shortcut Samosa

These are shortcut samosas and are actually hardly samosas at all really but they’re still pretty good for “kind of curry-like food stuffed in a puff pastry which mildly resembles samosa” and they can be fried or baked depending how you feel about it.

Recipe: Crab Cream Croquettes

I absolutely adored these. They’re pretty simple to make and you can use canned crab or those krabsticks that are really fish puree to make them. They go well with thick dipping sauces and you can make them ahead of time and freeze them before frying for a crowd or for an easy lunch.