Recipe: Minty Pea Soup

This is a pretty refreshing soup for the summer. I think I would have added bit more broth just to thin it out but it wasn’t bad thick either. It really needs a squeeze of fresh lemon and the cool yogurt on top to round it out though so don’t skip those!

Recipe: Vegetable Lentil Soup

I used red lentils because I love them and I think they cook up the creamiest but you could easily use other lentils though the cook time may need to be adjusted. I added a ton of vegetables and they’re probably fairly interchangeable within reason.

Recipe: Coconut Red Curry Chicken and Rice Soup

Everything that you love about curry and chicken and rice soup swirling together in a really satisfying fusion food. This is a delicious no nonsense recipe that can be enjoyed by anyone because you can control the spice level easily between the amount of red curry paste and coconut milk you use.